Get the Real Facts on Energy Taxes

We Invest In America

The Oil and Natural Gas Industry is investing in America's Future – In 2011 the industry directly provided $545 billion to the economy including $224 billion in wages paid to U.S. employees. These investments supported over 9 million American jobs and 7.3% of U.S. GDP.

We Pay Our Fair Share

… and Then Some – With an effective tax rate over 40%, the oil and natural gas industry pays higher taxes than any other industry in America.

The Myth of Subsidies and Tax Loopholes

Just like every business in America, oil and natural gas companies are allowed to deduct business costs. But the “tax loopholes” politicians talk about are a myth. In fact, a widely-used domestic manufacturing deduction available to companies like Apple and The New York Times is 33% smaller for our industry – and only our industry.

Want More Revenue? Increase Access Not Taxes

Higher energy taxes could reduce energy production, job creation and revenue. Instead of raising taxes, policymakers can spur $1 trillion in new revenue from now until 2030 by unlocking access to more domestic energy. Increased oil and natural gas activity would generate enough revenue to fund entire federal departments

Act Now

America’s oil and natural gas industry pay their fair share of taxes to the federal treasury. Yet some policy makers want even higher energy taxes. We cannot address our nation’s economic, environmental, and energy challenges simply by targeting consumers, businesses, and energy-producing companies for increased taxes. Become an Energy Citizen or Sign the Petition on Facebook to say NO to new energy taxes.